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Topic: Ableton Live 9 Lite won't stay authorized

Hey there

So I got my new Launchpad two days ago, so far no problem with the product itself. I only got problems with the software. First I had Ableton Live 10 but then I went back to Live 9 because I thought this would resolve my problem, but no. Long story short: I have to authorize Live again every time I open a new project file or when I start the software. I don't know if the save feature is included in Lite too, because I need it to repair a project file I got on the web.

Does someone know if I can register Live Lite definitively?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Ableton Live 9 Lite won't stay authorized

alors , quand tu enregistre ta licences , tout les nouveau projet son enregistrer

en revanche , tu ne peut pas sauvgarder les projets des autres
Pour la simple et bonne raison qu ils utilise des outils qui ne sont disponible que dans la version SUITE de ableton ainsi que souvent MAX4LIFE qui ai payant dans les version en dessous de SUITE

donc c est pour cette raison que tu ne peut sauvgarder
dsl hmm

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