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Topic: MIDI Extension Half-Loading Files

So, I just got the Ableton Live 10 trial and set up the MIDI Extension device for it, and it works completely fine for projects like Kaskobi's Battle Sirens and his Teminite - I love the way you make me feel. With both of these, it loads quickly and the lights are not laggy. However, when I try to do it with some other projects, such as Kaskobi's Beastmode, it does something different. It loads, as normal, but no lights work. The problem seems to be below where I select the launchpad, on the channel selector. I have an MKII, and so I have channel 6 selected, and when I push buttons, the column of black circles is supposed to light up yellow. However, when I load the MIDI Extension on some projects, it does not light up at all. Have tried unplugging, replugging, everything you can think of, no response.
Thanks in advance

EDIT: I have since found that by dragging and dropping the individual light effects into the Midi Extension device, it will work, but is there an easier, less-time consuming solution than this?

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