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Topic: Lo-Fi Launchpad Sample Pack

Hey guys

today i'll show you a project that needed a week of work, working everyday up to 4 hours.

It has taken a lot of programming (Lessons), Sampling and Mapping.

I tried to create a Different Soundpack, cause frist it uses 16+ Samples and has Automations but controlled by an external controller.

Here i don't need to explain nothing cause when you download and open the project you'll see a Guide with a menù were you can select the guide you want to follow or report bugs problems and some other.

Soon i'm gonna relase this for Circuit and if somebody want help write to me on Instagram or here

I hope i'll enojoy this.

NOTE: That's only a beta version if you can rate it here would be very cool. Also i leave links of all Versions. You can edit it and create a your custom version but you need to cit me and this page in the project .

Download V. 0.1 (Mega)

Download V. 0.2 (Mega)

What's New ?

In the version 0.2 i already edited the Automations, Deleted the Circuit Project cause it wasn't as i expeted and i edited the Lessons. Have Fun!

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Re: Lo-Fi Launchpad Sample Pack


*furiously mashes buttons*

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