Topic: Missile Launchpad

Hi everybody!

My project is a little different than the others as it is a browser game named Missile Launchpad that you can play with a Launchpad ;-)

Connect your launchpad to your PC or Mac, go to this website with Google Chrome and use the 8 function buttons to launch missiles. Protect your 8 terrestrial bases against never ending alien attack waves and achieve best scores for the sake of Humanity's pride!

PunBB bbcode test

I have tested the game with a PC under Windows 10 and a Launchpad MK2, but I seek feedbacks for Mac, Linux and other models of Launchpads. Please let me know!

Re: Missile Launchpad

im down for trying it when i get home , with my MK1 and launchpad pro , rlly good project ill leave feedback of the testing

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