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Topic: No feedback light, using a Launchpad MK2.

I have zero feedback light from my launchpad.
I'm trying to play it again after a long time, and now i get this.
I already say that my settings are right, channel is set on 6 and instrument on Launchpad MK2, i correctly load lights via plugin (I use lightweight now but only because I wanted to try if the issue was Exige's midi plugin), I've updated once again the firmware (even if don't needed) and reinstalled usb driver.
I tried every channel, too. Still not working.
I'm sure that my launchpad works.
I have also to say that I updated from Ableton Suite 9.7 to 10.

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Re: No feedback light, using a Launchpad MK2.

maybe its just your pc

i have to change my chanel to 16 now

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