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Hey. Im new to the community, hope I use the right forum.
I bought my launchpad about 2 months ago, and theres one thing thats bothering me. Most project files are chopped up songs that are ment to be played in one particular order. Its like a mix of Guitar Hero and Memory. Thats fun and all, but im really struggling to find good "jamming" projects that you can play however you like.

For example, I can get lost in this one for hours making my own music:

Heres another one: (sadly no project file, but i really want it)

Anyone got suggestions for projects that lets you be creative?
Thanks in advance smile

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Re: Original project files?

right so a few things
first what you are refering to is S2M , Slice To Midi songs
it is sadly now the main thing that ppls publish

but if you want some more sampled quality covers , youll have to look to ppls like M4Sonic , exige  ect  for exemple
they usually dont release there project file cose the amount of work into it ( and also copy rights)

they are really hard to find since the "new" community ask more for lights rather than music performance , so im sorry but you are on your own on this one :c

ps : check out launchpad pro .com maube they have projects over there , and also check out : virus , weapon and marble virus ; pretty good projects

sincerlly ,
-the french bastard

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Re: Original project files?

DJTechTools has Mad Zach soundpacks that are made for improvising. You have to pay for them but they're a lot of fun.

Re: Original project files?

you can find his sample on splice , not rlly need to pay for it
and again that is for more of a user mode than a session mode

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