Topic: LP.MK2 issue triggering samples, PerformanceMode.FL12

hi guys i got my LP mk2 working perfect in fl12, and allot easier then setting it up in ableton, using performance mode i set the project up, configure each sample to a pad, i press play and the samples play in sync with the temp. thats great for queing samples.

i would like to know how i can trigger samples with out them being stuck to tempo, such as, if i waNT to do a manual snare roll build up starting at 8th notes and climaxing to 32nd notes, i take my snare, add it to pad, set pad settings to Press-hold,stop, motion-one shot, trigger-1beat, position-1/2 beat, Queue unchecked and tolorent checked.

i just want my samples to play everytime i press the pad not just stuck to the tempo of the track.

and i noticed that the samples only trigger when i press play in performance more, other then that they dont play when i touvh the pads.

please help.

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Re: LP.MK2 issue triggering samples, PerformanceMode.FL12

this goes to the help section ;3

and sorry but i do not use FL STUDIO

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