Topic: Use "Exige Midi Extension Device"-Style lightshows w/o Ableton Suite

Below you'll find a Tutorial on how to use "Exige Midi Extension Device"-Style lightshows without it or Ableton Suite enabling ANYONE to use those. I never finished it so consider it incomplete. It's really more of a clever combination of the given tools than a real substitute. So if you only have Ableton Lite this is the next best thing you'll have to deal with.

If anyone wants to finish and fix it feel free to do so. I wrote this shortly after Exige released his tool but never had the time to finish it. That's how it ended up being half-finished burried hidden in the secret Moderator-sub-forum. Have fun with this. Note that i will NOT give ANY support for this.


How to use "Exige Midi Extension Device"-Style lightshows without Ableton Live 9 Suite

The following tutorial works on both platforms; Windows AND Mac / OSX. It is a workaround for people who don't own Suite and therefore can't use Max4Live and Exige's Midi Extension Device. It is NOT the same thing and has some drawbacks, read more about the theory behind this workaround and its problems in the "Extra" section below.



It consists of two parts, the first part being exclusive to the individual OS and the second is general Ableton setup mandatory for both.



1. Download loopMIDI and MIDI-OX
2. Install loopMIDI and MIDI-OX
3. Start loopMIDI and create 2 ports - port1 and port2 by typing the name in the line at the bottom, clicking "+" and doing the same for port2 so it'll look like this:
4. Plug in your Launchpad if you haven't already
5. Start MIDI-OX
6. Click on the following 3 icons in the Menubar
7. In the MIDI Devices Window, click on Launchpad in the upper left Window and on port1 and port2 in the lower left Window, so it looks like this:
8. In the Midi Port Routing Window, right click somewhere in the grey area and select "Disconnect All"
9. Drag Lines between the ports to set it up like this:
10. The Midi Port Activity Window should now look as follows and give you feedback on "Launchpad", "port1" and "port2"
    (Note: loopMIDI and MIDI-OX have to be started everytime before Ableton for this to work)



1. coming soon
2. ...
3. Profit!

PART 2 - Windows & MAC / OSX


1. Start Ableton
2. Go to Options --> Preferences --> MIDI / Sync and set everything up like this. Only choose the correct Launchpad in the first and last row. In this tutorial i use the original Launchpad
3. Drag a Drum Rack in the first track, a MIDI Effect Rack into the second track and set it up as follows. If this section doesn't show up, make sure you clicked the I-O button in the lower right corner of Ableton
4. Press the "user 1" button on your Launchpad
5. Go back to Options --> Preferences --> MIDI / Sync and disable "Track" for "port1"
6. Create 64 Locators with enough space inbetween them by rightclicking in the area shown below. (Your Midi Clips will go in the spaces later)



Why is ALL of this needed?
If you'd map buttons to the markers, without a duplicate port you wouldn't be able to trigger the drumrack. This way you trick Ableton into thinking, that you essentially have 2 Launchpads, where one is mapped to the individual markers while the other one act's a as a normal trigger for the drumrack.

We create 2 virtual Midi-Cables in loopMIDI and then route the input we get from the Launchpad in MIDI-OX to both of them, basically "creating" 2 Launchpads.

This whole setup can be further optimised by creating a third virtual Midi-Cable, routing it the same way and mapping the buttons of that cable to solobuttons on individual tracks, while always only having one effect per track.

In order to not have to go through steps 12-X one should save the .als project and use it preset for every new project.

The same can be done for bank based projects.

OBVIOUSLY this is a less straight forward solution than Exige's Midi Extension Device, but then again not everyone has the Live Suite, which is needed for Max4Live.

Hope this helped you out, eventhough it's not the easiest setup but it's free and doesn't require any knowledge about setting up and especially creating chain based effects.

Want to help?


- If anyone makes a "good" video on this process i'll link it in this topic
- If anyone makes FULL presets for this workaround and is willing to share, i'll link them here aswell, the following are missing:
    - Launchpad, Launchpad S, Launchpad RGB and Launchpad Mini - Single Bank, Multibank (8 Banks / Sidebuttons)
      (share the same layout; that's why one preset will work for all of these)
    - Launchpad Pro - Single Bank, Multibank (8 Banks / Sidebuttons)
       (has a different layout; that's why it needs a different preset)
- Found a mistake or spelling error? Comment below and i'll be glad to correct them

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Re: Use "Exige Midi Extension Device"-Style lightshows w/o Ableton Suite

Steps 7-10 in the tutorial part 2 seem to be missing. hmm

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Re: Use "Exige Midi Extension Device"-Style lightshows w/o Ableton Suite

VeX wrote:

Steps 7-10 in the tutorial part 2 seem to be missing. hmm

I think i'll actually edit them in properly. Don't think i'll take the time to do screenshots. I didn't check on what i had before posting it.

Essentially it's something like this:
7. Map each locator to a key on the Launchpad (button in the upper left corner i think).
8. Put the Midi Effect at the start of the Locator you want it to correspond to.
9-10. lol, can't remember what that was supposed to be. i probably just split step 7 in more steps to make it more noobfriendly.

Essentially this should work then.

This also works on OSX if you find a similar tool. I remember finding one but don't know what its name was.

Hope this helps.

Re: Use "Exige Midi Extension Device"-Style lightshows w/o Ableton Suite

just a question, can you use this to play stuff with Exige's plugin? Or is that impossible?

*furiously mashes buttons*

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