Topic: Steps To Syanpse - "Take Me Home" (Ross Townley Remix)

Hey boys and girls!

Got a new official remix release for you before I leave for mandatory military service for 8 months! This time I was asked to remix an estonian indie-band Steps To Synapse. I tried a bunch of new things and I'm starting to get a right feeling about more pop-sided composition and producing. Let me know what you think wink

Oh, and while you're at it, I set up a new artist page on Facebook. Give it a like if you enjoy my stuff! smile


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Re: Steps To Syanpse - "Take Me Home" (Ross Townley Remix)

Lol, Who are yo even get ouuttta here.

This dude did it 10 times better:

New signiature whales fuck you trilogy yay memes forum wow #RipSafety

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