Topic: Hi from LDM Design

Hi everyone,

Finally I made a profile here...

I make apps for the Launchpad, some can be found here, and are my interpretations of Monome apps -
(these ones are free and only work with the mk1 Launchpads)

I am also just finishing off some more great apps which will also be compatible with mk2 Launchpads, and have more ideas for future projects.

I strongly believe the Launchpad has so much more potential than being just for lightshows, the monome community is particularly inspiring to see what can be made with some LED pads. With the Launchpad we have the advantage of many colours and also other buttons besides the 64 pad matrix.

Any app requests or questions you can email me haelu at ldmdesign dot org



Re: Hi from LDM Design

welcome to the forum

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