Topic: Help !! Exige midi extension setup for max 7

Hi, im new to ableton in mac, i used to play the launchpad in windows using ableton, max 7, and the exige midi extension device. In windows, the project files, lights , and the devices worked. In mac, i need to setup the midi extension device too. When i download the midi extension device, the file needs me to move 2 folders as i used to in windows, one is to ableton's directory, and the other one needs me to move it to max's directory. As im watching inspiraspir's video, in his applications folder, he has a folder named Max 6.1, while i didnt have it. I found the ableton's directory but i can't find the max directory. Can someone please help me where should i put my max's directory folder to ? Im really hoping the lights works. Thankyou.

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Re: Help !! Exige midi extension setup for max 7

check the help section , it has been explained

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