Topic: XBOX 360/One Mapping for Ableton

Hi! This is an XBOX controller mapping designed for Ableton Live using a piece of software called Controller Companion (it can be found on Steam for $3). It was inspired by Shawn Wasabi's video, 'Mac 'n' Cheese', as he used XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers to play drum racks in Ableton.

The mappings are (in note values):

Left Stick;Left: C
Left Stick;Right: E
Left Stick;Up: C#
Left Stick;Down: D
Left Stick;Pushed Down: D (one octave higher)
DPad;Left: B
DPad;Right: A
DPad;Up: G#
DPad;Down: A#
A: D#
B: F
X: F#
Y: G
Left Trigger: C (one octave higher)
Right Trigger: C# (one octave higher)
Left Bumper: Octave Down
Right Bumper: Octave Up

So I hope you enjoy playing around with this! This is designed for Ableton Live 9 Lite so it would be very nice if anyone could port it to work in all versions of Ableton.

DOWNLOAD (for Steam Workshop): … =877893403

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