Topic: Help plz!

I am pretty new to launchpad, and I need help with 2 things.
First of all, I need to know how to change "scenes" for lights. I know you bind a macro to scene selector or something like that, but how do you do that on a Midi Effect Rack, because I mainly do lights.
Second, HOW DO YOU DO AUDIO!!!! I have no clue whatsoever and I can't find tutorials.

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Re: Help plz!

for the lights we call it changing "chains" with the chain selector just midi map the chain selector in the midi effect rack to the macro 1 knob or which ever know you want then midi map that macro to the launchpad side buttons or whatever buttons you want to use..

For audio the easiest way to do it is to make a midi track and load in an instrument rack, then load in a drum rack in the instrument rack, drag samples into the drum rack pads and play them on the launchpad, for chain selecting on the Audio just make multiple drumracks (as many pages as you want) and do the same thing with the chain selector like in the lights track

hopefully this helped smile