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Topic: Search Function

Alright, so i've been looking around the forums and I find that way too many people are not utilizing the search bar. I thought of a reason why and the only cause that I could think of was that the Search button is in a very unapparant place and is difficult to find.

So I came up with a very simple, yet game changing idea.
Let's make a dedicated search bar right above the topic headers so people cannot miss it.

So here are some pictures that I mocked up.

I prefer the first one as it is more direct but we will let the forum members decide.

The second option seems to be the more popular method on other forums.
The search bar could be integrated better to make it more visually appealing.
But that will come later. Right now we need to think of the style.

Im open to any other ideas and will try to appeal to everyone else.
I could write out the coding for the new web design but im not sure how the forum operates on this server.


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Re: Search Function

I agree, there is a major problem with new users asking questions already answered.

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Re: Search Function

I completely agree. I really like the first option, it's not distracting, it looks nice, and it's impossible to miss.

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Re: Search Function

This is amazingly true and helpful. Thanks Epikas.

Working on it right now!

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