Topic: Giulio's Page needs your help! Spinnin' Records contest

Hello everybody! Giulio's Page / Julius Nox here!
I'm on a Spinnin' Records contest right now for a remix of Power by Hardwell and KSHMR. Above all expectations, 120 people of my youtube subscribers voted for my track and right now I'm on position 67 on a lot of positions (i think there are more than 500 entries).
So, if you want (AND JUST IF YOU WANT) i will aprreciated a lot your vote for my track <3
Here is the link to vote on the Spinnin' Records contest (you need to register to their site via email, Facebook or Spotify, confirm your email and than you can vote. I know, is a long procedure... sad )

And this is the video of the song I posted on my youtube channel. In the video description you can find a link to my website where you can download for free this my remix

Thank you to everyone that will vote for me and also to everyone that just watched this post. Love you all for all the support you gave me on YouTube <3

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