Topic: Automation of Chains

Sup dude

I'll show you how to make automation chians whitout any plug-in or something like this ...
Frist you need to have:

  • Ableton Live (All Version)

  • Launchpad Mini/S/Mk1/Mk2/Pro

Now create a Midi Track (Ctrl+Shift+T/Command+Shift+T) and put a Drum Rack in a Instrument Rack.
Chians and active all this parametrers now go there and click Chian after right click here in the orange part and Map on Macro 1

After go in the Macro 1 and press Ctrl+M or Command+M click in the blue under the write "Macro 1" and press the button that you like

If you need to help or something write there

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Re: Automation of Chains

gazza , this goes to tricks tongue

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