Topic: Mashup for fun/experience

I've had a mashup in the works for a few months now, working on it every few minutes I get/want. I have quite a bit of progress and things, but I need someone else's ideas and opinions. I want one or two people to help me finish this and get it done here soon, because Im looking forward to it being done. The big portions are from Breathe Carolina - Stars and Moon and Steerner and Kavela - Horizon, but it also contains small bits of Zedd - Clarity (Shreddie Mercury remix) (its used as a beginning reverb piece), a  portion of the drums from Madeon - Technicolor (Extended mix) because the harder drums sound, and another portion of drums from Johan Vilborg - Unravel Me. Im doing okay so far and just need your guy's help to put it in a solid clean state and finish a small portion of arrangement errors and quite a bit of help with mixing since Im still reading and learning the basics. It would be much appreciated if I could get someone's help! smile It will help me get experience for my college degree at the University of Oklahoma. Its Creative Media Production with and emphasis in Audio Production. If anyone wants to help, just pm me or build onto this thread. Thanks!

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