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Topic: WRLD - Little Too Close

Hey Launchpad Pro Forum Members!

I would like to see and help with the creation of a song, by the name of (you guessed it) 'Little too Close!'

Video located here!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQFGAmi … p;index=48

I would like to have this as a project file as this song is banging, and shouldn't be too hard to make with the right stems.

and I would make it, but here's the issue.

I'm strapped for cash, so I don't have Ableton Live 9 Suite ($600 USD holy shit) and the song is produced by Monstercat, so you can't put it on youtube w/ monetization unless you have some heavy sound modification or bought their licence. So i'm looking at you Launchpad Pro Forums! I need you to help my hopes and dreams come to life!

I need a Macbook,Launchpad Pro,Ableton Live, and Max For Live.
I have a Launchpad S and a decent desktop for it,
Send help plz.

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Re: WRLD - Little Too Close

Regarding the issue with "stems", most songs do not have stems that are given out freely unless a remix competition was put on for that specific track. Creations of self made stems usually involves a process of scrutinizing a track to pull usable elements form to "remake" a song.

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Re: WRLD - Little Too Close

Just check reddit for some..

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