Topic: Homemade Midi Fighter

Hi. I am planning on building a homemade Midi Fighter Because I don't have the money for a 3d and they discontinued the spectra.

I plan on using these:

Arcade Buttons* … uctDetails

I will probably buy two to get 16 and use the 4 extra for chain selector

Board: … =219582674

I most likely wont use arduino because I am unfamiliar with the coding and wiring for it

And I will use black foam board for the shell

Please Leave Comments And Suggestions! I will probably upload photos after.

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Re: Homemade Midi Fighter

I have got a Makey Makey, and I did a DIY Midi fighter with it too.


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Re: Homemade Midi Fighter

You probably already know all this but the Makey Makey only allows you to press 6 buttons at the same time and you can only connect 18 buttons; that means you will only have two free connections for chain selectors hmm
Also, I realise that the Makey Makey is a lot cheaper than a 3d but if you're trying not to spend too much money, it might be worth spending that extra bit of time learning about Arduino or some other micro-controller (you can get Chinese ripoff Arduino for a couple of dollars)...


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Re: Homemade Midi Fighter

I would suggest just saving up to buy the actual thing. Sure the whole process of making your own is pretty cool, but in the end it will cost more to build your own.