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Hello launchpaders,

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Launchpad-Pro eBook : Master the Launchpad with Ableton Live 9 !

What does contain the training session?

The eBook :

* 100 pages illustrated with concrete examples to learn how to master the Launchpad and become an Ableton Live 9 expert
* 4 complete chapters : 1. The basics - 2. The art of the Lightshow - 3. Sampling and Mashups - 4. Live and Recording
* The greatest Launchpadders secrete techniques revealed !

The video lessons :

* A complete training session presented Live and in English
* 60 videos lessons with a gradual difficulty. Feel free to follow and practice each lesson in any order you like.
* Live screencast of the Ableton Live 9 interface with keyboard shortcuts and complementary indications on the screen.
* Live demo on the Launchpad in first-person view (recorded with a GoPro)

Bonuses :

Advanced exclusive project files, applying each educational part of the training
The Launchpad Bible : 100 facts, tips and tricks to get inspired and get better every day
A VIP pass for : get the video of your choice featured on the home page
Free updates of the training during 1 year (new innovative techniques, new product reviews ...)

What packages are available and what are the prices?

Premium package :

* eBook (pdf & epub)
* Source files
* 60 video lessons
* Exclusive project files (free to reuse)
* The Launchpad Bible
* VIP pass on
* Free updates during 1 year

$139 excl. VAT

Standard package :

* eBook (pdf & epub)
* Source files
* 60 video lessons

$99 excl. VAT

Lite package :

* eBook (pdf & epub)
* Source files

$39 excl. VAT

Insights :

The first 28 pages of the eBook for free : Download
See some video extracts : Watch

Read more at and feel free to contact us at

Re: Launchpad-Pro eBook

The day of the date I bought the Standart Version and is fantastic!

I bought a launchpad because I LOVE the colors

PD: Subscribe to my channel!

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Re: Launchpad-Pro eBook

Obviously this isn't for everyone.
But for beginners who want to get started with Ableton and their new midi controller.
I think this is a brilliant idea!

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Re: Launchpad-Pro eBook

*attempts to stay quiet*

Apparently, I'm "Diplo Jr."... I ain't complaining.

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Re: Launchpad-Pro eBook

Wow expensive, but I bet its worth it. Will for sure be getting it. What currency is the initial price?

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Re: Launchpad-Pro eBook

If I had the money id say this would be a purchase well worth it.

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