Welcome to the Launchpad-Pro Forums!

Whether you're a launchpad noob or just looking to perfect your launchpad playing skills, you've come to the right place. Here at the Launchpad Forums, you can find tons of people eager to help you with your problem or share a project file. It doesn't matter if it's something as simple as setting up your launchpad or something difficult like complex midi programming; there will always be someone to help you.

If you already consider yourself a good launchpad player, then you are welcome to share your project files in the Launchpad Projects section.


Before you start, here are some community rules:

1. Don't be rude. Continuous rude behavior will result in a warning, 1 day ban, 3 day ban, and then a permaban. Moderate swearing is allowed, as long as it is not used to offend someone.

2. Post in the appropriate forum sections.

3. Do not spam. Spam will result in an instant ban (this includes making multiple accounts).

4. Only post content that is related to Launchpads and music production (everything off-topic goes in "The lounge", others controllers topic goes in "Controllers").

5. Don't post questions that were already answered. You can see whether someone made a similar topic using the search tab (right at the top of the page).

6. Try not to take your anger out on someone at all, especially outside of the forum. This includes going on others Social links and disliking all of their posts, etc etc. Try to settle it respectfully within the forums.


Here is an explanation of all of the forum sections:

Presentations: Tell everyone a bit about yourself and get to know others.
Watch me play: Post videos of you playing on the launchpad.
Best Launchpad videos: Share cool launchpad videos that other people made.
The Lounge: Post anything not related to launchpads or music production.
Music and Audio Production: Discussion of music production, audio, equipment and any related topics.
Controllers: Discussion of other controllers including performance, tips & tricks and any related topic.
Feedback & Suggestions: Post any suggestions that you have to improve the community.
Help: Post any questions that you have about launchpads or music production.
Launchpad Tips & Tricks: Share your launchpad tips and tricks.
Launchpad Tutorials: Share your tutorials for project files with well-written and illustrated topics.
New Projects: You are starting on a new project.
Projects in progress: You are working on a project, and you want to share or need help to finish it.
Finished Projects: Post your finished projects.
Submit your project: Submit your project to Launchpad-Pro.com.

The moderators on the forum are there to help you, not to argue with you. The last thing any of us want to do is be given a hard time or give a hard time to anyone, so don't make it hard for us or anyone else on the forum for that matter. You can always PM us with account issues (eg. username changes (limit 2 changes per person), rude behavior, bullying, forgotten passwords, etc.) The current administrators and moderators are: Launchpad-Pro, HNTR, Datguy, Monoduck, ViperActive and ULT1MOD.

Getting started with the Launchpad:

If you're joining the forum, I'm assuming that you know the basics of setting up your launchpad with Ableton. If you do, then skip to the next paragraph. If not, then go here. It will teach you how to use and set up the launchpad using very basic, short, and informative tutorials.

Finished Project files:

The Launchpad Forum is full of project files. You can find all of them in the Finished Projects section. The best project files will be stickied, so make sure to check them out. If you don't want to look through all of the topics and want a complete list of project files, go on http://launchpad-pro.com.

Each shared project may be uploaded on http://launchpad-pro.com. By sharing your videos here, you agree that Launchpad Pro may promote your content on the forum and the website. All credits are attributed to the right persons.

Now that you have a general idea of what to expect...

Start by introducing yourself. Let people know your launchpad background and stuff that you need help with/ want to help people with. Also be sure to upload a custom avatar (100 x 100 pixels) and make a custom signature. Be sure to check out all of the topics and get to know other launchpadders and producers!

We hope you have fun and enjoy the launchpad forums!